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Welcome to the website of CMS Industries in the UK
A UK based Company specialising in the supply and support of a range of high performance 3 & 5 axis CNC Machine Tools to a variety of industries and market segments

High Speed Cutting Technology for the Aerospace Industry

High Speed Machining
CMS manufacture a range of 5 axis CNC machining centres designed

A range of CNC Machine Tools with five axis simultaneous movement
A range of CNC Machine Tools with five axis simultaneous movement

CMS 5 axis Machine Tools for the Marine Industry
CNC solutions specifically designed for the Marine Industry

CMS Five Axis Spindle
High Speed Cutting Technology for the Timber processing Industry

Tecnocut waterjet cutting head
The Complete Solution in waterjet cutting technology

Wind Energy
CNC solutions for manufacturing blades, nacelles, spinners.

Bremebana Stone Processing
A range of machines from CMS Brembana for processing stone

Thermoforming Machinery
Thermoforming Machinery

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CMS Thermoforming Machinery…

Tradition, experience, advanced technology and precision are the secrets…

Tradition and Evolution

Set up by master-craftsman Dave Green in 1989…

CMS Ikon - Fast, Accurate and…
Supercraft - excellent edge finish
New CMS Poseidon at Castings Technology
Reduced setting time…

CMS Universal Fixture Holding System

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Absolute Perfection
Progressive Investment…
Greater than the sum of the parts

New Composites Facility for T & R Precision